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The Dominion Rabbit and Cavy Breeders' Association is a Canadian club based in Southern Ontario.

Its mission is to promote the breeding and showing of pedigreed rabbits and cavies and to assist in all aspects of the industry when it can. The club hosts a number of local shows each year along with other fun, social events.

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Our Next Show is the Erin Fall Fair.  Entries have been extended until Wednesday Nov 4. Entries should be emailed to Julie Martin at  Changes can be made until Wednesday Nov 4th after that no changes allowed only scratches at the table/entry desk.
This is a single show we will be in the show barn at the Erin Fairgrounds located off Dundas Street in Erin, Ontario.
More info can be found at
All exhibitors are required to pay a gate fee it is better to order the tickets online as it is cheaper, this fee helps them to cover the ribbons and the judges costs, tables etc.  The club fees for entry help pay for insurance and show/club costs. I'm hoping to have little extra prizes for this show.  It is the preview to the Royal so bring out your animals and see how they will do then enter for the Royal Winter Fair on October 13th which is the deadline.

The Royal Winter Fair Show:  November 12, 2023     Entry Deadline is October 13, 2023
To enter for the Royal go to their website entries must be done with their ExpoAssist which can take some time to figure out so don't leave it until the last minute! is the website then go to Agriculture and look for Rabbits and Cavies from there.  It is our last show of the year.
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